Wednesday, May 25, 2016

June 18, 1925: Robert Marshall

Today we learn about a lynching in Utah through the pages of The Courier-Journal (Louisville, Kentucky) dated June 19, 1925:


Salt Lake City, Utah, June 18 (AP)—Robert Marshall, negro coal miner and slayer of Marshal Milton Burns of Castle Gate, Utah, was lynched today by a mob, near Price. The negro was arrested this morning after a three-day search. He was taken by the mob from officers taking him to the county jail. police records available show that the only other lynching in Utah occurred here on October 18, 1883, when Jim Harvey, negro miner, was lynched by a mob shortly after he had shot and killed a city marshal.

I did not find the lynching of Jim Harvey, but the lynching list of 1883 shows a — Harney lynched at Park City, Utah on August 25 and a John Murphy lynched in Park City, Utah on August 26, both were lynched for murder. Harney could easily be a typo for Harvey, the dates don't match however. I could understand if the date were earlier and the list may have it wrong due to a delay in reporting, but the list has the lynching before the date from the article.

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