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August 10, 1888: Amos Miller

The Lima News (Lima, Ohio) dated August 11, 1888:

Amos Miller, colored, who outraged Mrs. Scott in Maury county, was taken from the court room at Franklin, Tenn., by fifty armed men and hanged to the balcony.

The following is an excerpt from The Concord Times (Concord, N. C.) dated July 26, 1909:

Is Sorry George Hall Was Captured.

Lexington Dispatch.

We confess that we are not glad that George Hall has been recaptured and we feel like things out to be done to the man who informed on him for the paltry sum of ten dollars.  George Hall was a sorry citizen, an ex-convict, hence without friends, and he joined in a mob of some five thousand other George Halls and others, and lynched the Gillespie negroes who murdered the Lyerlys.  Out of all that mob he only was convicted and punished for trampling the law underfoot.  It is true that the fact that he was the only one punished does not lessen his crime; but we see no justice whatever in sending such a man to the penitentiary for fifteen years, when many of his ilk and scores of his betters were as guilty as he.  We have never been able to see that matter as anything else but a farce.  We have no sympathy for Hall; he doubtless ought to be in the pen on general principals.  But somebody else ought to have been in company with him when he journeyed to Raleigh, and when he escaped and especially since he has been reported as leading an industrious life in Spartanburg, he to have been suffered to continue enjoy liberty and support his family which is large and which is poor. 

The Gillespie lynchings are covered here.

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