Saturday, August 16, 2014

August 16, 1907: Will Clifford

The following article is from the Daily Press (Newport News, Virginia) dated August 17, 1907:

Black Brute Lynched.

(By Associated Press.)

MEMPHIS, TENN., Aug. 16.—Will Clifford, a negro, was arrested at Tiptonville, Tenn., and confessed to assaulting  Mrs. Mary Cowan (white) and throwing her body into the river, also that he killed another woman a year ago.  Constable Burrus secreted Clifford in a barn to avoid a mob that threatened the jail.  Burrus finally started with Clifford for Maple, Ky., but a posse caught up with them.  The constable was overpowered and the negro strung up.

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