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August 12, 1874: Henry Glover

The Harrisburg Telegraph (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) dated August 13, 1874:

Outrage in South Carolina.

COLUMBIA, August 12.

A negro named Henry Glover raped and brutally beat a respectable white woman in Lexington on Saturday.  He was caught to-day and lynched.

I am choosing to put in a second paper's article because it gives a bit more information.  I chose the first paper's article because it was clear on the date.  This one comes from The Daily Phoenix (Columbia, S. C.) dated August 13, 1874:

LYNCHED.—Henry Glover, the colored brute who outraged Mrs. Shull, near Gilbert Hollow, on Saturday last, was caught, yesterday, in the swamp adjacent to that village, and shot.  "Served him right," is the universal sentiment.

On a different note, this interesting article is found in The World (New York, N. Y.) on September 21, 1892:


Several Men Killed and the Chief Lynched in North Dakota.


FARGO, N. Dak., Sept. 20.—Word has reached here that ranchmen recently raided the stronghold of "Judge" Short's gang of cattle and horse thieves, a log cabin on top of a rocky hill, in the western part of the State.  A sharp battle was fought, it is said, and several men killed.  Short, according to the report, was captured and lynched.

Short has long been a terror to people near the Bad Lands, into which he drove stolen stock.  His gang have many dark crimes credited to them.

A year ago a young ranchman who had lead a party attempted to catch the outlaws was found hanging dead to a limb of a tree on the reservation line, and the cattle thieves were credited with the crime.

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