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August 9, 1882: A Negro

Oshkosh Daily Northwestern (Oshkosh, Wisconsin) dated August 10, 1882:


Atlanta, Ga., Aug. 10.—A negro accused of outraging a white girl was taken out of jail last night at Newman, Ga., and hanged by a party of 75 men.  He was tried by the crowd and confessed he and another man committed the deed.

An interesting article was printed in The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) on August 12, 1888:


A White Man Set Upon by Five Negroes—No Trace of Him.

RALEIGH, N. C., August 10.—[Special.]—News has been received of the lynching of an unknown white man, supposed to be from Yancey county, by five negroes in Henderson county.

A negro names Henry Summer has told the story of the affair.  It is as follows:  Two white men met three negro women, one of whom, Lottie Corpening, is a notorious prostitute.  From some cause or other the men had a quarrel with the women, which finally resulted in the knocking down of the Corpening woman by one of the men.  All three of the women then set upon the men, one of whom fled and made his escape.  his companion could not get away, and was being beat unmercifully, when five negro men came up.  They set upon the man and, after beating him into insensibility, went to a house near by and returned with a rope.  The white man was then taken away by the negroes, and has not been seen or heard of since.  One of the negroes had told another negro that the party "treated him like they treated that negro over in Ashville."

All of the negroes have been arrested and jailed at Hendersonville.  Their names are Will Corpening, John Ramsey, George King, Abe King and Harry Summer, the latter being a witness to the affair.  The negro woman claims to have been outraged by the white man.  Considerable excitement exists in Henderson over the matter.  A searching party has been organized and the woods and the creeks of that vicinity are being searched for the body of the missing man.  

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