Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25, 1902: Tom Jones and August 25, 1891: Will Lewis

I had a hard time deciding which lynching to post today.  Both articles are relatively short, so I figured I would post both.  The first article is about the lynching of Tom Jones and it comes from the New Berne Weekly Journal (New Berne, N. C.) dated August 26, 1902:

Tom Jones Lynched.

Special to Journal.

RALEIGH, August 25.—Tom Jones, who outraged Mrs. James G. Smith, near Indian Spring was captured today and taken from jail by a mob with faces blacked and was carried to Mrs. Smith who identified him.  He was then taken 400 yards away and riddled with bullets.

One of Mrs. Smith's eyes is torn out, her jaw bone broken in three places and her face terribly misfigured. [sic]

Another article also states that Mrs. Smith was pregnant and that Jones' body was placed in a horse trough in place of a coffin.  Another article claimed that negroes were responsible for the lynching, but most articles say men with blackened faces.  Also a quick statement made in the Greenville Reflector:  

It is hinted a bullet picked out of Tom Jones, the lynched Seven Springs negro, and sent to Gov. Aycock.  His Excellency might stop the pardon mill long enough to offer a reward for the lynchers.

The second lynching is found in The Salt Lake Tribune (Salt Lake City, Utah) printed August 26, 1891:


A Negro Accused of No Crime Is Lynched on General Principals.

TULLEHOMA, Tenn., Aug. 25.—Will Lewis, colored, aged 18 years, was taken from the calaboose this morning by eight masked men and hanged.  Lewis was a drunken rowdy but was guilty of no grave crime, so far as known.

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