Saturday, May 2, 2015

May 2, 1884: Jake Dodson

Today we learn about a lynching in West Virginia through the pages of The Parsons Daily Sun (Parsons, Kansas) dated May 4, 1884:


A Third Member of the Hill Gang Lynched in West Virginia.

Jake Dodson, Who Assisted in the Murder of Sheriff Adkins of Boone County,

Taken in Hand by a Mob and Sent Over to Keep Company With His Desperate Companions.

CHARLESTON, West Va., May 3.—For the third time, within forty-eight hours Judge Lynch has brought his avenging halter into requisition in this part of the State, and another of the gang of robbers and assassins which has for so long terrorized Boone, Lincoln, and Logan Counties, has gone to his account. Jake Dodson, one of the Hill gang, and the accomplice of Scott Hill in the shooting and robbery of Sheriff Adkins, of Boone County, last Saturday, was captured in the woods near Griffithsville, Lincoln County, Thursday, and taken to that place late in the afternoon. The news of the lynching of the Hill brothers at St. Albans, reached Griffithsville, and it soon became apparent that trouble was in store for Dodson. Soon after dusk crowds of citizens began to gather in the streets of the village, and about ten o'clock a party proceeded to the jail, took Dodson from the custody of the officers, and hanged him to a convenient tree. Word of the lynching was brought here yesterday, but there were no details save those above given.

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