Sunday, May 24, 2015

May 24, 1893: William Sullivan

Today we learn about a Michigan lynching from Fayette County Leader (Fayette, Iowa) June 2, 1893:

A mob at Durand, Mich., lynched William Sullivan, the farmhand who brutally murdered his employer, Layton Leech, and murderously assaulted the latter's wife last January. Sullivan was captured in Detroit recently.

The Daily Times (New Brunswick, N. J.) dated May 24, 1893:


William Sullivan Almost Torn to Pieces by a Mob.

CORUNNA, Mich., May 24.—William Sullivan, the murderer of his employer, Mr. Leech, was taken last night from the jail here and lynched.

The mob almost tore him to pieces.

They stabbed him before hanging and the dragged his body in the road.

The Parsons Daily Sun (Parsons, Kansas) dated May 26, 1893:

Fresh Joke in Lynching.

CORUNNA, Mich, May 25.—The coroner's jury held an inquest to-day in the case of murderer William Sullivan, who was lynched last night. The verdict rendered was that he came to his death by suicide. No mention whatever was made in the verdict of lynching.

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