Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 1884: Charles Dickerson

Today we learn about a lynching in Kentucky through the pages of the Chicago Daily Tribune (Chicago, Illinois) dated May 5, 1884:


The Pastime in Which a Kentucky Mob Indulged.

WALTON, Ky., May 4.—About 1 o'clock this morning twenty masked men went and demanded the keys of the jailer in Burlington, the county seat of Boone County. The jailer refused. They then broke open the jail, took Charles Dickerson, negro, who was arrested last March for burglary and escaped, but was again arrested a week ago in the act of burglary. The mob took him two miles from Burlington and lynched him.

The mob had a Captain. Dickerson pleaded that he was young in the business and had been led into it by drunkenness.

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