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May 26, 1910: Jeff Matson

Today we learn about a lynching in Alabama found in The Topeka Daily Capital (Topeka, Kansas) dated May 27, 1910:


Montgomery, Ala., May 26.—Reports of the lynching of Jeff Matson, a negro who murdered Deputy Sheriff Scott Taylor at Acton Mine yesterday, were received late today. Matson was captured by Deputy Sheriff Henley and Poler of Shelby county between Birmingham and Acton at 10:30 o'clock this morning. At 11 o'clock, it is said, the deputies were intercepted near Pelham, Shelby county, by a mob from Acton. The negro was taken from the officers and mob and prisoner disappeared into the woods. The body has not been found.

Our article of interest comes to us from The New York Age (New York, New York) dated July 2, 1921:

White Georgians Lynched 58 Negroes During Past 4 Years

Woman Lynched For Making Remarks About Lynching of Her Husband—Disputing White Man Brings Death

(Special to THE NEW YORK AGE)

Atlanta, Ga.—In his final message to the Georgia State Legislature, transmitted on retiring from office, Governor Hugh M. Dorsey gave a detailed list of fifty-eight lynchings which have taken place in Georgia during his four years' administration. The list gives the date of lynching, name of victim, place where it occurred and alleged cause.

The fifty-eight cases are given as follows:

Year 1917.

Sept. 18—Rufus Moncrief, Clark County; rape.
Nov. 9—Jesse Slater, Brooks County; writing insulting letter to young woman.
Nov. 17—Cullins Johnson and D. C. Johnson, Mitchell County; disputing white man's word.
Dec. 15—Claxton Dekle, Chandler County; in altercation killed one man and seriously wounded two others.

Year 1918.

Feb. 18—"Bud" Crosby, Fayette County; to rape and stealing baby.
March 22—Spencer Evens, Taliaferro County; rape.
May 18—William Had, William Thompson, Hayes Turner and Eugene Rice, Brooks County; complicity in a murder and alleged assault.
May 19—Mary Turner, Brooks County; making remarks about lynching of her husband.
May 19—Chime Riley, Simon Schuman and three unidentified Negroes, Brooks county; complicity in a murder.
May 23—James Cobb, Crips County; rape and murder.
May 23—Sidney Johnson, Lowndes; complicity in a murder and alleged assault.
May 24—John Calhoun, Pike County; killing a planter in a dispute over a farm contract.
Aug. 11—Isaac Raney, Miller County; rape.
Sept. 3—John Gillhata, Jones County; rape.
Sept. 24—Sandy Reaves, Pierce County; rape.

Year 1919.

April 13—William Williams, Jenkins County; alleged participation in clash between Negroes and officers of the law.
May 2—Denny Brown, Warren County; killing wife and wounding four men of posse.
May 16—James Walters, Laurens County; attempted rape.
May 25—Berry Washington, Telfair County; killing man.
Aug. 1—Charles Kelly, Fayette County; charge not given.
Aug. 5.—Unidentified Negro, Bleckley County; making remarks about Chicago race riot.
Aug. 14—James Grant, Wilcox County; alleged shooting of two men.
Aug. 27—Eli Cooper, alleged incendiary talk.
Sept. 6—O. E. Cox, Oglethorpe County; murder and rape.
Sept. 22—Ernest Glenwood, Dooly County; circulating incendiary propaganda.
Oct. 5—Moses Martin, Wilkes County; making boastful remarks about Negro shooting officer of law.
Oct. 5—Moses Freeman, Wilkes County; misleading members of mob searching for Jack Gordon.
Oct. 6—Jack Gordon, William Brown, Wilkes County; shooting officers of law.
Oct. 7—Eugene Hamilton, Jasper County; sentenced for ten years for attempt on life of farmer; appeal taken.
Oct. 16—Two unnamed men, Marion County; charge not reported.
Nov.3—Paul Jones, Bibb County; rape.
Nov. 19—Wallace Baynes, Morgan County; killing man assisting in attempt to arrest him.
Nov. 30—Wesley Everetts, Wilkinson County; shooting and wounding a man.
Dec. 21—Charles West, Lee County; killing plantation owner.


March 4—Cornelius Alexander, Pike County; jumping labor contract.
June 21—Philip Gaithers, Effingham; rape and murder.
Sept. 25—Felix Cremer, Green County; aiding fugitive to escape who had wounded his landlord.
Nov. 18—William Perry, William Ivory, wife of William Perry, Coffee County; implicated in death of planter.
Nov. 2?—Curley McKelvey, Worth County; complicity in the killing of planter.
Nov. 30—Unnamed man, Thomas County; rape.

Year 1921.

Jan 2.—James Roland, Mitchell County; shooting and fatally wounding white planter.
Jan 6—Samuel Williams, Talbot County; charge not reported.
Feb. 16—John Lee Eberhardt, Clark County; murder.
March 4—William Anderson, Baker; relative reported to have shot officer; no specific charge against Anderson except was on road with gun and was relative of man who did shooting.
June 18—John Henry Williams, Colquitt County; murder and rape.

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