Wednesday, May 6, 2015

May 6, 1884: Ham Patterson

Today we learn about a lynching in Missouri through the pages of The Atchison Daily Globe (Atchison, Kansas) dated May 8, 1884:

WHAT looked like an ugly murder under the pretense of a lynching took place the other night at Hatton, a small town in the northwestern part of Calloway County. Julius Patterson, a negro, on the 15th of April was tied to a tree and whipped by a mob. His tormentors were arrested, but acquitted. A few nights afterward, Ham Patterson, a brother of Julius, was dragged from his bed and lynched by a party of men, who also tried to capture Julius but failed. Ham Patterson was only nineteen years old. The alleged crime for the outrages was that the Pattersons had spoken disrespectfully of some white persons.

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