Saturday, September 27, 2014

September 27, 1896: Harris Boone

Today in our journey to the past we have two stops. One for today's lynching and another for an article of interest. Our first stop is found in the Murfreesboro Index (Murfreesboro, N. C.) on October 2, 1896:

Made Short Work of Him.

A special to the Morning News from Sparta, Ga., says:  "Harris Boone, colored, was shot to death by a party of citizens at this place early Sunday morning. Harris had raised a disturbance, and when Town Marshal Bowen ordered him to desist the negro shot the officer. Citizens enraged at the assassination of David Silver a few hours before by a negro riddled Boone's body with bullets. Parties are scouring the country for the assassin of Silver. If caught, he will be lynched."

Our next stop is The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) on September 30, 1890 where we find this gem:


Cowardly Deed of Masked Men in Alabama.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Sept. 29.—[Special.]—News was received here today of a horrible white cap outrage which occurred in Calhoun county on Saturday night. A band of masked men went to the house of Mrs. Jane Cody, a widow, and dragged her from bed with the intention of flogging her. They started to the woods, but she broke away and started to run. She had gone only a short distance when a volley was fired, and a load of buckshot took effect in her side, inflicting a fatal wound. The white caps fled when the woman fell, and she lay there until morning when she was found. She was unable to describe her murderous assailants. So far as known, Mrs. Cody's only offense was that the gossips of the neighborhood reported that men visited her house at night. A secret band of regulators had been organized to rid the neighborhood of worthless and immoral characters. This was their first work, and will probably be their last, as the sheriff is making every effort to have them identified and arrested.

Thank you for joining me on this journey to the past, and as always I hope I have left you with something to ponder.

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