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September 14, 1900: W. Brown, Frank Brown, and David Moore

Today's journey will take us through several articles, most short. The beginning of our journey is our longest article found in The Times-Picayune (New Orleans, Louisiana) dated September 15, 1900:


Taken from Jail by Sixty Masked Men and Hanged.

All Three of Them Were Guilty of Murder—Sheriff Ivy Refuses to Talk.

Tunica, Miss., Sept. 14.—Frank Brown, William Brown and David Moore, three negroes, under indictment for murder, were lynched at an early hour this morning by a mob, composed of about sixty white men. The negroes were indicted for separate offenses and had been in the county jail here for some time. The mob, which was well organized, was orderly and quiet in its movements. The door of the jail was forced and the negroes were securely bound. The prisoners were taken to a large tree only a short distance from the jail and were strung up without ceremony. When asked for a statement of the affair Sheriff Ivy, of Tunica, declined to discuss the matter.

They Were All Murderers.

Memphis, Tenn., Sept. 14.—A masked mob of between 60 and 100 men broke into the jail at Tunica, Miss., to-day and took out three negroes, whom they strung up to a tree near the jail. Not a shot was fired and the mob soon dispersed.

The dead negroes are Frank Brown, who shot Frank Cheshire, a prosperous planter at Oak landing, six months ago; David Moore, who shot Dan Boswell ten days ago, and William Brown, who, with confederates, shot and cut to death a young white man at State levee, one month previous.

The next stop on our journey is the Iowa City Press-Citizen (Iowa City, Iowa) dated September 14, 1900, and they get straight to the point:

Negroes Lynched.

Tunica, Miss, Sept. 14—A mob early this morning broke into the jail and took Wilber Brown, Frank Brown and David Moore colored murderers and lynched them. All three had killed white men.

For our next stop we travel to the Alexandria Gazette (Alexandria, Virginia) dated September 14, 1900:


Memphis, Tenn., Sept 14.—A mob of about 100 men broke into the jail at Tunica, Miss., between one and two o'clock last night and took three negroes out and lynched them. The dead negroes are Walter Brown, who shot and killed Frank Cheshire at O. K. Landong, two months ago; Frank Brown, who together with his pals, shot and cut  young Tucker to death at State Levee, and David Moore, who shot Dan Bozewell, ten days ago. All three of the killed were prominent whites. The murder of Bozewell caused intense feeling against these negro murderers.

Our final leg of our journey brings us to our most confusing article. Makes you wonder what W. Brown's name will be this time. This parting stop is found in The Bismarck Tribune (Bismarck, N. D.) dated September 14, 1900:



Tunica, Miss., Sept. 14.—A mob early this morning broke into jail and took Wilfer Brown, Frank Brown and David Moore, colored murderers and sent to the devastated coast country men.

I can't help but think that the boy putting the type in confused his endings, because I can't fathom what that means otherwise. If you noticed, they couldn't keep the crimes of the two Browns straight as well as the name of W. Brown. As always, I hope you found this journey to the past interesting and that I leave you with things to ponder.

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