Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1, 1902: Manny Price and Bob Scruggs

The following article was found in The Daily Index (Greenwood, S. C.) dated September 3, 1902:


Manny Price and Bob Scruggs Hanged and Riddled.

Newberry, Fla., Sept. 2.—Manny Price, the murderer of W. F. Brunsson, together with another negro, named Bob Scruggs, were lynched about 2 miles from this place shortly after 5:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon by a party of 300 men.  The negroes were being taken from Newberry to Gainesville by special deputies, and the party overpowered them and took the prisoners away.  They were given a chance to confess.  They were [sic] did , and were then strung up on a tree and their bodies riddled with bullets.

A similar article found in The Ocala Evening Star (Ocala, Florida) dated September 2, 1902 adds:

Scruggs furnished the pistol with which Price did the deed.

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