Sunday, September 28, 2014

September 28, 1885: Jerry Finch, his wife, Lee Tyson and John Pattishill

Today's lynching is found in the Lawrence Daily Journal (Lawrence, Kansas) dated September 30, 1885:

A Quadruple Murder.

RALEIGH, N. C., Sept. 29.—Last night, four negroes, Jerry Finch, his wife, Lee Tyson and John Pattishill, were lynched one mile from Pittsboro, Chatham county. They were taken from the jail, and their bodies were found this morning suspended from a tree near the public road. This is a sequel to the triple murder of the Finch family on the night of the 4th of last July, and the murder of the Gunter family some eighteen months ago. There were two of the Finch family:  Edward, aged 79, and his sister, aged 81. They were found on the morning of Sunday, July 5th, lying on the floor with their throats cut. Near them lay their servant, a negro boy, aged 16. All had been knocked on the head with an ax.

Suspicion rested early on a negro, Jerry Finch, and he was arrested. It was a great task from the first to prevent a lynching of these parties. Lee Tryon [sic] was afterwards arrested, and some time later John Pattishill was taken on a charge of being concerned in the Gunter murder, and possibly in the Finch murder.

The verdict of the coroner's jury was long delayed, they feeling that if it was adverse to the prisoners they would be promptly lynched. The verdict, when rendered, was against the prisoners. The majority of the people appear to be satisfied that these people were guilty of both murders, for the two were mysteriously connected.

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