Saturday, September 13, 2014

September 13, 1908: David Newton

The Indiana Democrat (Indiana, Pennsylvania) dated September 23, 1908:


Charged With Implication in Murder of White Man.

Brockshire. Tex.—David Newton, a negro, charged with implication in the murder of John Buchtrin, a white man, was taken from jail at night by a mob and hanged.

The father and brother of the negro are under arrest in connection with the killing and they have been placed in the Hempstead jail to prevent further violence. All idle negroes have received instructions to leave town.

I'm not sure what implication in murder means, usually they just say murder. It is a strange wording and I would like to know more about why it is phrased that way. Unfortunately, I didn't find much on this lynching, mainly this article and a listing in the Chicago Daily Tribune giving the date as the 13th in the annual list of lynchings. In the Chicago paper, murder is listed as the crime for which he was lynched.

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