Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 16, 1886: David Wilkerson

According to the Chicago Daily Tribune's yearly list, the date of the lynching was September 16, 1886. The following article is from The Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, Ohio) September 23, 1886


He Discovers the Body of a Rapist Who Had Been Lynched. 


Millen, GA., September 22.—Since the lynching of David Wilkerson near this place ten or fifteen days ago for outraging little Miss Brinson, the whereabouts of his remains have been a mystery. To-day while hunting in the woods three miles from here a negro discovered the corpse hanging from a tree, a mile from the roadway. The toes just touched the ground and the putrid flesh hung in strips from the bones. Buzzards had picked out the eyes and completely denuded the head and neck bones of flesh, and worms and vermin had made hideous inroads on the lower portion of the body. The negro has been made almost demented by the spectacle and goes into convulsions whenever he hears it alluded to. It is possible that the Coroner will hold and inquest and endeavor to learn the identity of the lynchers. 

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