Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 1893: Ed

Today we learn about a lynching which occurred in Georgia. Our article comes from The Saint Paul Globe (St. Paul, Minnesota) dated April 15, 1893:

Lynched and Cremated.

EUFALA, Ala., April 14.—Jeff D. Barnett, a young white storekeeper near the line of Quitman and Clay counties, in Georgia, was found dying in a pool of blood in his store yesterday. A posse of whites and blacks was organized, and, after a six-mile chase, captured the murderer, a negro, who confessed his crime, giving his name as Ed only. He fired several shots at the posse before capture. The posse tied him and shot him to death, then piled fence rails on the body, saturated them with oil and burned it.

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