Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20, 1900: John Peters

Today we learn about a lynching in West Virginia through the pages of The Waterloo Press (Waterloo, Indiana) dated April 26, 1900:

Lynched a Rapist.

John Peters (colored), who assaulted Kate Richie, a 16-year-old white girl, near Taszwell, W. Va., on Wednesday, was lynched Friday night. Peters had been captured with the aid of bloodhounds and placed in jail at Taszwell. At midnight masked men broke open the door with axes. A rope was placed around Peters' neck and he was dragged 200 yards down the railroad track toward the woods. Hundreds of shots were fired into his body as he was being dragged, and before the woods were reached he was dead. The rope was then thrown over a tree and he was drawn up.

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