Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6, 1901: May Hearn

Today we learn of a lynching in Arkansas through the pages of The Scranton Republican (Scranton, Pennsylvania) dated April 8, 1901:


Shot Newly Found Friend Dead and the Citizens Resented It.

OSCEOLA, Ark., April 7.—May Hearn, a white man about 26 years old, was taken from the county jail last night by a masked mob and hanged to the limb of a tree just in the rear of the jail. Hearn was in jail for killing Clyde King at Luxora, Ark., on last Sunday night. King was from Union City, Tenn., and was visiting his brothers, who live at Luxora. He there became acquainted with Hearn and a friendship sprang up between them.

On Sunday night they visited a resort in Luxora and while there Hearn sat down to the piano and began pounding the keys with a heavy revolver, failing to stop after several requests. King remonstrated in a friendly way, telling him that he would ruin the instrument. Upon this Hearn turned with an oath and fired his revolver at King, the bullet piercing his heart. Hearn has had a bad reputation for several years, having attempted to shoot four or five different men. At the time of his last crime he was under sentence of three years in the penitentiary. He was released under bond pending an appeal.

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