Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 14, 1893: William Hardin

Today we learn about a lynching in New Mexico from The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) dated April 17, 1893:


William Hardin Kills a Mexican, and Is Captured and Lynched.

Kingston, N. M., April 16.—The news of a murder and lynching in the little town of Monticello is received here. William Hardin, the foreman of a cattle company, was in town and became intoxicated. To make a display he attempted to take a six-shooter away from Ed Simmons. Simmons resisted and a struggle ensued, when a Mexican interfered, and Hardin shot the Mexican. The murderer made his escape to the mountains, a short distance away. [H]e was pursued and captured by a mob, overtaken and shot  and his body mutilated in a horrible manner.

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