Saturday, April 4, 2015

April 4, 1893: Kiz Redd

Today we learn about a lynching of a woman in West Virginia through the pages of The Kansas City Gazette (Kansas City, Kansas) dated April 6, 1893:


CHARLESTON, W. Va., April 6.—About a week ago Police Officer John Chandler, of Bluefield, Mercer county, was shot and killed in a disorderly house by the notorious Kiz Redd, who has the reputation of being the wickedest woman in West Virginia, who is charged in the public mind with having had a hand in several murders in the Mercer county mining regions, and who has for years  been defying the United States laws in regard to illicit distilling. About midnight a row was started at Kiz Redd's joint in Graham, a suburb of Bluefield, where a crowd of tough blacks and whites had congregated. During the melee Charles Morgan, colored, drew a revolver and emptied it into the crowd, killing John Leese, a colored boy who had taken no part in the disturbance. Morgan was caught by a mob of citizens, who lynched him from the limb of a tree almost in front of the house and riddled his dangling body with bullets. Kiz Redd fled, with a portion of the mob in pursuit of her, and to-night she is reported to have been caught and lynched on the Virginia side of the state line.

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