Friday, April 17, 2015

April 17, 1885: Frank and Tubal Taylor

Today we learn about a lynching in Missouri through The Topeka Daily Capital (Topeka, Kansas) dated April 19, 1885:


KANSAS CITY, April 18—The Times Springfield, Mo., special says:  News has been received from Chadwick that one hundred armed men visited the jail at Forsythe, in Taney county, in southwestern Missouri, last night, and took there-from Frank and Tubal Taylor. They had also captured Elijah Sublette, and it is believed that they were hanged in the woods adjoining the town, though their bodies have not yet been found. The two made a murderous assault last week upon J. T. Dickerson, postmaster at Eglinton, and his wife, professing to have an old grudge against them. In the struggle Dickerson was quite severely hurt. The would-be murderers were pursued and for a day or two were surrounded and kept imprisoned in a cave in the woods, where they had taken refuge. They succeeded in making their escape but were captured soon.

A bit more detail is provided by the Indian Chieftain (Vinita, Oklahoma) dated April 23, 1885:

FRANK and Tubal Taylor were hanged by a mob in Taney County, Mo., for the attempted murder of Postmaster Dickerson and wife at Eglinton, in the same county. Frank Taylor thrust a revolver into Dickerson's mouth and fired. Dickerson was also shot in the shoulder and his wife on the scalp. Elijah Sublette, concerned in the outrage, was also taken from the jail at Forsyth, but his body was not found hanging with the Taylors, and surmises only existed as to his fate.

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