Thursday, February 12, 2015

February 12, 1898: Whit Dillard

Fort Wayne Daily News (Fort Wayne, Indiana) dated February 14, 1898:


Posse Overtakes the Guilty Man and Shoots Him to Death.

BLUE RIDGE, Ga., Feb. 14.—An Urbanite named Rawlins, attended church here Sunday. He was unmercifully guyed by the rustics. A native named Frey imagined some remonstrance from Rawlins was addressed to him, and he cursed the stranger vigorously. Angered because Rawlins failed to resent the treatment, Whit Dillard, a kinsman of Frey, shot and killed him. The congregation speedily scattered and amid the confusion Dillard escaped. A posse was organized under 'Squire Calloway. After a chase of about two miles Dillard was cornered in a ravine and commanded to surrender. This he refused to do. The members of the posse fired simultaneously, terribly tearing his body and killing him on the spot.

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