Saturday, February 14, 2015

February 14, 1893: Andy Blount

On this Valentine's Day we learn about a lynching of a possible innocent man on a Valentine's Day 122 years  ago from the pages of The Times (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) dated February 15, 1893:


Summary Punishment Dealt Out to a Chattanooga Negro.

CHATTANOOGA, February 14.—This city is intensely excited to-night over a fiendish outrage committed here this morning upon Mrs. M. A. Moore, a highly respected widow, by a negro, who found the lady alone in the house. His victim is 51 years old and the mother of seven grown children.

A negro named Andy Blount was subsequently arrested on suspicion, but Mrs. Moore is in doubt whether he is the man. Neighbors, however, believe him guilty. The negro protests his innocence, and an investigation by a number of leading citizens indicate that he speaks the truth.

At 10:30 to-night an infuriated mob battered down the outer doors of the County Jail and finally forced their way into the cell where Andy Blount, the suspected negro, was confined. Despite the protests of the jail officials and many leading citizens, they took the negro down to the bridge which crosses the Tennessee river.

His lifeless corpse now dangles from one of the arches. Sentiment here is almost evenly divided as to the man's guilt.

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