Wednesday, February 25, 2015

February 25, 1893: Joe Payne

The Saint Paul Globe (St. Paul, Minnesota) dated February 27, 1893:


And Cut Down by the Girl Whom He Assaulted.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., Feb. 26.—The lynching at Jellico last night of the negro Joe Payne for assaulting Miss Fannie Belle Cecil was in itself a very tame affair. He confessed the crime and was swung up to the nearest tree, without any excitement. The mob pinned a placard on his back threatening death to any one who should disturb the body until 10 o'clock today. At that hour fully 5,000 people had gathered from neighboring towns. Miss Cecil, who was not badly injured, sent word that she would take pleasure in cutting down the body. Her wishes were granted, and with a sharp knife she severed the rope, and the body fell to the ground. She smiled as she cut the rope, and the act was greeted with cheers from the vast crowd. She is a very handsome young woman of eighteen, and is of good family. Len Tye, who ravished Miss Bryant on the same spot last December, has been located in West Virginia, and will be brought to Jellico in a day or two. He will be lynched as soon as he arrives. The negroes of that locality are wrought up over the affair.

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