Wednesday, February 18, 2015

February 18, 1901: Fred King

The Scranton Tribune (Scranton, Pennsylvania) dated February 19, 1901:


Fred King Tracked by Bloodhounds and Hanged.

By Exclusive Wire from The Associated Press.

Dyersburg, Tenn., Feb. 18.—Fred King, colored, was lynched today for assault, Saturday night upon Elise Arnold, daughter of a prominent physician. Bloodhounds trailed King from Dr. Arnold's home to King's room, where a hatchet covered with blood was found. Miss Arnold had been struck with a hatchet by her assailant and on this evidence King was arrested. A mob at once formed to lynch him, but Mr. Arnold prevailed upon them to wait for further identification.

They were restrained until this afternoon when they took King from jail, tried him before a jury selected from the crowd and sentenced him to be hanged. He then broke down and confessed, implicating another negro, Beebe. King was at once hanged and it is altogether likely Beebe will be similarly treated.

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