Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February 3, 1884: Sandy Robinson

We start with an article before the lynching in The Galveston Daily News (Galveston, Texas) dated January 11, 1884:


James Lathrop Killed by a Negro Desperado.

[Special to the News.]

BUFFALO, January 10.—Last night, Deputy-sheriff Bain, of Houston county, with a posse of men, surrounded a negro cabin on the Bannerman plantation, on the Trinity river; in this county, to arrest a desperado negro named Sandy Robinson, whom they had followed from Houston county.

As one of the posse, James Lathrop, entered the door, Robinson fired upon him, killing him instantly, and seizing the dead man's gun, he made good his escape, and at last accounts was still at large. If found, no doubt he will be promptly lynched.

We learn about the following lynching through the pages of The Saint Paul Globe (St. Paul, Minnesota) dated February 4, 1884:


CROCKETTS, Feb. 3.—The negro Sandy Robinson, who murdered Deputy Sheriff James Lathrop recently in Leon county, was taken from Crockett jail at 1 o'clock this morning by one hundred masked horsemen and hung near the graveyard at the edge of town. Sheriff Bayne had been informed of the intended lynching and had the jail guarded by six citizens. Bayne begged the mob not to take the prisoner, but he was quickly overpowered. The sheriff succeeded in drawing a pistol, which he discharged during the scufle [sic], but no one was hurt, however.

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