Friday, February 20, 2015

February 20, 1901: Peter Berryman

The Kansas City Gazette (Kansas City, Kansas) dated February 21, 1901:


Eight Masked Men Take Peter Berryman from Jail and Hang Him for Brutally Kicking a Girl.

Mena, Ark., Feb. 21.—Peter Berryman, colored, was lynched near here yesterday morning by eight masked men. Berryman was arrested Monday night for brutally kicking Essie Osbourne, aged 12 years, in the abdomen because she told him not to come in their yard after water. He was placed in the county jail for trial yesterday. Shortly after midnight Officer Jones, while making his rounds some distance from the jail, was accosted by eight men, who forced him to throw up his hands and took his keys and pistol. Two guarded him while the others went to the jail, took Berryman out and hanged him to a tree. They then returned and released the officer, who gave the alarm. The body was not found until daylight. Nothing has been learned as to the identity of the members of the lynching party.

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