Friday, February 6, 2015

February 6, 1894: Andrew Pikkarien

The Saint Paul Globe (St. Paul, Minnesota) dated February 7, 1894:


A Wisconsin Villain Hanged By a Mad Mob


Fifty Masked Men Take Him From Jail,


And Speedily End His Vile Career.


Special to the Globe.

WEST SUPERIOR, Wis., Feb. 6.—The small village of Ewen, east of this city, on the Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic railroad, is all excitement tonight over the lynching of a rape fiend. The name of the villain is Andrew Pikkarien. He is a Russian Finn, and lived a few miles from Ewen at a little place called Bruce's Crossing. The story which came from Ewen tonight is as follows:  Monday night Peter Hatelli and wife left their home to be gone for a day. They left their little eight-year-old daughter at home in the care of Pikkarien. Her temporary guardian put the little girl to bed early, but at about 10 o'clock at night the wretch took the sleeping child from her bed and, carrying her to his own room, accomplished his fiendish purpose. Two other men witnessed the assault, but they claim they were afraid of the powerful brute. The fiend was arrested as soon as the terrible crime he had committed was found out and taken to Ewen, where he was placed in the village jail, where he admitted having committed the deed. The child is frightfully injured and is suffering intense pain. She is expected to die.

A later dispatch from Ewen tonight says that as soon as it became known that Pikkarien admitted his guilt fifty indignant citizens wearing masks surrounded the frail structure in which he was placed to lynch him. The officers protested, but to no avail. The jail doors were smashed in and the culprit dragged out forthwith. A rope was placed around his neck, and he was dragged eighty rods to a railroad trestle, where he was hanged. The village is still wild over the outrage, and should the citizens find the guilty man's associates they would end the day with a triple lynching.

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