Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23, 1891: Scott Bishop

The State Chronicle (Raleigh, N. C.) dated February 24, 1891:



His Crime Was That He Assaulted and Robbed a Farmer.

[By United Press.]

PETERSBURG, Va., Feb. 23.—Some days ago Hugh Hancock, a prominent farmer residing at Mellville, Nottoway county, was assaulted and robbed of $30 while passing along a road near Blackstone, a station on the Norfolk and Western Railroad, by a burly negro named Scott Bishop.

Bishop made his escape and remained at large until Saturday night last, when he was captured at Ridgeway, N. C. by officer Maxey, the town sergeant of Blackstone, to which place Bishop was brought yesterday morning. Hammock died from the wounds inflicted by Bishop on Friday last, and as soon as the prisoner was brought to Blackstone, there were open threats of lynching him.

Every effort was made by the authorities to prevent violence being done to the prisoner, but to no avail, and this morning about 4 o'clock he was taken from the officers and hanged to the limb of a tree about half a mile from Blackstone. The negro begged piteously for his life, but the mob was deaf to his entreaties. At 12 o'clock today Bishop's body was still dangling from the tree, and a coroner's jury was being summoned.

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