Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February 17, 1901: Thomas Jackson

Lawrence Daily Journal (Lawrence, Kansas) dated February 18, 1901:


A Negro Hanged by Mob Near New Orleans for a Devilish series of Crimes.

New Orleans, Feb. 18.—A negro named Thomas Jackson was lynched yesterday at St. Peter, a station on the Texas & Pacific road, about 20 miles above this city, for a fiendish series of crimes. Yesterday morning at eight o'clock he visited the home of Alexander Bourgeois, the engineer of the drainage machine on Belle Point plantation, some distance from the plantation quarters, going there on a railway tricycle. He told Bourgeois the manager wanted him and the engineer mounted the tricycle with the negro. A little further on Jackson stabbed the engineer in the back and threw the body into a ditch. He then returned to the house and butchered Mrs. Bourgeois and her two babies and ransacked the house. Two boys were visiting the family and when they caught the first glimpse of the attack on Mrs. Bourgeois they hid in the woods. After the negro's departure the boys went to St. Peter and gave the alarm, returning with a mob of several hundred men. The negro was traced to his home and fully identified by the boys. He was hanged and his body riddled with bullets before the sheriff arrived.

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