Friday, August 28, 2015

April/May, 1895: Tom Brownlee

Today we learn about a horrible lynching in Georgia through the pages of The Salt Lake Herald (Salt Lake City, Utah) dated May 3, 1895:


Evidence That They Have Been Revived in Georgia.

Atlanta, Ga., May 2.—From Butts county, in the central portion of the state, comes a story of a dastardly outrage that smacks of "Ku-Klux" days. The body of Tom Brownlee, a negro, who had been known to his neighbors as an informer against a moonshiner, was found day before yesterday in a creek that runs through the hills of Butts county. He had been pinned down in the bed of the creek by saplings staked to the ground, there to die a lingering death of fearful pain and suffering. The story was told that Whitecappers had perpetrated the terrible crime.

Colonel Chapman, of the internal revenue department, has sent a report to Washington detailing the particulars of the outrage. The government will investigate the case and those who had a hand in the torturing and murdering of the negro, who had the reputation of being a law-abiding citizen, will be brought to justice.

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