Tuesday, August 11, 2015

March 15, 1895: Mrs. W. E. Holton

Today we learn about a woman lynched in Nebraska through the pages of The Cheney Sentinel (Cheney, Kansas) dated March 21, 1895:


A Woman Lynched by Unknown Parties—A Mystery for Officers to Solve.

BUTTE, Neb., March 19.—Some time Friday Mrs. W. E. Holton, a respectable woman residing alone on a ranch in an isolated part of Keya Paha county, was assaulted and lynched. The crime is credited to the vigilantes of the district, who believed her in league with cattle rustlers. Some think rustlers committed the crime in revenge for evidence against them furnished by the woman.

Persons passing the ranch Saturday found the body and reported the matter yesterday. the coroner found $60 on the woman's person, which is regarded as certain evidence that the crime was not committed by tramps as at first supposed. Her struggle for life had been a hard one. The bedding and clothing of the woman were torn and scattered about the building. Her shoes had evidently been removed, probably by herself, preparatory to going to bed, when surprised by the lynchers. The woman had evidently been assaulted before she was strung up and everything points toward a premeditated plan for the consummation of the dastardly deed.

No warrants have yet been made, but a meeting of the best citizens of the neighborhood was held yesterday and it was decided prompt measures should be taken, and it is expected that another and possibly several hangings will take place before long. Several persons are under suspicion and these parties will be taken and compelled to confess.

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