Sunday, August 16, 2015

March 31, 1910: Charles Carroll

Today we learn about a lynching in Kentucky committed by night riders. We find this lynching in The Washington Herald (Washington, D. C.) dated April 2, 1910:


Mother, Sister, and Brother Unmercifully Whipped.

Special to The Washington Herald.

Brownsville, Ky., April 1.—A band of night riders visited the home of Mrs. Dell Carroll near Goff post-office, in this county, and unmercifully whipped her and her sixteen-year-old daughter and eighteen-year-old son, and shot and killed Charles Carroll, a twelve-year-old son, who escaped and attempted to reach assistance, last Tuesday night.

Near midnight the crowd reached the house, which was occupied by Mrs. Carroll and her three children, a girl about sixteen years of age, a boy about eighteen years old, and the boy who was shot.

The family was aroused and dragged from the house. At a short distance from the house they stopped and administered a severe whipping to Mrs. Carroll and her two oldest children. It is reported that they literally cut their backs to pieces with large switches.

While they were engaged in whipping the two oldest children, the young boy made a break to get away, and as he ran some one of the band shot him in the back with a gun and he fell. He was picked up by some of the band and carried into the house, and then they proceeded to finish the whipping that they had begun on the others.

The boy was shot with a shotgun, and when the physician arrived, which was about 4 o'clock in the morning, he picked 150 shot out of the boy's back. He died about 8 o'clock yesterday morning. 

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