Friday, August 7, 2015

November 26, 1896: Alfredo Daniels

Today we learn about a lynching in Florida through the pages of the Richmond Planet (Richmond, Virginia) dated December 5, 1896:


A Probable Innocent Man Lynched.

GAINESVILLE, FLA., November 26.—Alfredo Daniels was lynched near here this morning. Daniels was suspected of being a member of a band of barn burners that has been at work in this vicinity recently, and was arrested at his home near here. This morning Deputy Sheriff Rives started to Gainesville with Daniels, but had not proceeded far when he was met by a mob of masked men, who demanded the prisoner. Rives demurred, but when the masked men threatened to shoot, surrendered Daniels.

The mob told Daniels he could have five minutes in which to pray. Daniels denounced the masked men as murderers, and said they would be punished for killing an innocent man. While Daniels was still cursing the mob he was swung to a limb and riddled with bullets. There was practically no evidence against Daniels.

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